Risk Warning

This notice cannot disclose all the risks associated with the products we discuss on our website, and in the educational materials we make available to you. It does not constitute investment advice. You should not invest in or deal in any financial product unless you understand its nature and the extent of your exposure to risk. You should also be satisfied that it is suitable for you in the light of your circumstances and financial position. The information available on our website is meant for educational purposes only and in no way is a guarantee of successful investing or an endorsement of investment in any particular product or investment in cryptocurrencies generally. Cryptocurrencies are a medium of exchange that are created and stored electronically in blockchains, which are distributed public databases that keep a permanent record of digital transactions. Unlike traditional currency, these alternatives have no physical form and typically are not backed by tangible assets. They are not insured or controlled by a central bank or other governmental authority, cannot always be exchanged for other commodities, and are subject to little or no regulation. Investments denominated in a cryptocurrency may expose you to great risk. The past performance of any investment is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The value of investments or income from them may go down as well as up. As cryptocurrencies, like stocks and shares, are valued from second to second, their bid and offer value fluctuates sometimes widely. The value of cryptocurrencies may rise as well as fall due to, and not just including, the volatility of world markets, interest rates, economic conditions/data and/or changes in the rate of exchange in the currency. You may not necessarily get back the amount you invested. Crypto investing and trading is a very new market. It requires specialized knowledge that may be inscrutable to the uninitiated. Rampant growth has led to volatility. And while it may seem attractive to invest in digital currencies, this brand new field does have some instability to consider before investing. As with any new investment, be sure to weigh the risk versus reward so you can make the right choice for your situation. Some common concerns investors should consider before investing in any offering containing cryptocurrency include:

● Cryptocurrency is subject to minimal regulatory oversight, susceptible to cybersecurity breaches or hacks, and there may be no recourse should the cryptocurrency disappear.
● The high volatility of cryptocurrency investments makes them unsuitable in sizable amounts for many investors.
● Investors in cryptocurrency are highly reliant upon unregulated companies, including some that may lack appropriate internal controls and may be more susceptible to fraud and theft than regulated financial institutions.
● Investors will have to rely upon the strength of their own computer security systems, as well as security systems provided by third parties, to protect purchased cryptocurrencies from theft.