FederItaly and DFINITY: Bringing Innovation and Trust to Made in Italy Products

27 February, 2023

Thanks to the innovation brought by blockchain technology, there is a new way to rebuild consumer trust, and it starts with the “FederItaly 100% Made in Italy” certification Powered by Internet Computer Protocol

Let’s explore how this certification works, why it matters, and why the partnership with DFINITY and the use of ICP blockchain is the most effective method for enhancing the verification and trust of goods made in Italy.

Trust is a fundamental aspect of any transaction or interaction, but it can be challenging to establish and maintain, especially in the digital age. Consumers want to know that the products they buy are what they claim to be, that their personal information is secure, and that the companies they deal with are reputable and transparent. However, with the proliferation of online shopping, the rise of counterfeiting and fraud, and the growing concerns about data privacy, trust has become an elusive commodity. That is, until now.

Are you aware that not all products labeled “Made in Italy” are created equal? While this label may simply indicate that a product was assembled in Italy, “100% Made in Italy” guarantees that every single part of the product was manufactured and assembled within the country, ensuring adherence to Italy’s high-quality standards. In addition to ensuring superior product quality, choosing “100% Made in Italy” also supports the country’s economy and helps preserve its unique traditions and cultural heritage in the production industry.

Consumers today are increasingly concerned about the origin and quality of the products they buy. From food and clothing to luxury goods, people want to be sure that when they buy Italian products what they’re purchasing is truly “Made in Italy” and lives up to the reputation of Italian craftsmanship. However, with the rise of global supply chains, it has become increasingly difficult to verify the authenticity and quality of these products. This is where FederItaly and DFINITY come in.

FederItaly, a consortium of Italian companies that promotes and protects the Made in Italy brand, has partnered with DFINITY to create the Certificate “FederItaly 100% Made in Italy“. This certificate, powered by DFINITY’s ICP blockchain technology, provides a secure and verifiable way to ensure that products are authentically manufactured in Italy.

The problem with traditional certification processes is that they often rely on paper documentation – such as a producer’s self-declaration – which is susceptible to fraud. DFINITY’s ICP blockchain technology is a critical part of the FederItaly 100% Made in Italy certificate. The ICP blockchain provides a decentralized and tamper-proof way to store and share product information, making it impossible for anyone to alter or manipulate supply chain data.

Through a rigorous validation process, companies are awarded this certificate only after meeting the high standards of the initiative. But what sets the FederItaly certificate apart from other certificates is the unprecedented level of security and transparency provided by the ICP blockchain.

The journey to obtaining the FederItaly 100% Made in Italy certificate is not an easy one, but for companies that take pride in their Italian heritage and commitment to quality, it is worth it. The validation process includes a preliminary evaluation of the company, a document analysis phase, and a thorough audit of the production process, ensuring that all materials and processes are sourced within Italy. Upon successful completion of the audit, the FederItaly 100% Made in Italy certificate is awarded to the company. 

The information contained within the certificate is securely stored in a smart contract on the ICP blockchain, known as a canister. This tamper-proof smart contract ensures that a certificate’s information can never be altered. The certificate can be accessed through a decentralized website, which interacts with the canister and retrieves the information for the consumer. By scanning the QR code generated from the certificate and printed on the final product, consumers are redirected to the website, where they can view all the details of the certificate. The decentralized website provides an added layer of security and transparency, giving consumers the peace of mind they need when making purchasing decisions. 

It’s a simple, secure, and transparent process. 

In a world where consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the products they buy, the FederItaly 100% Made In Italy certificate on the ICP blockchain brings a new level of transparency and trust to the table.

Consumers now know that they are purchasing a genuine Made in Italy product that meets certain quality standards. In fact, a recent survey found that consumers are willing to pay more for products that are certified as authentic. With the FederItaly 100% Made in Italy certificate, consumers can be sure they will get what they pay for.

The FederItaly 100% Made In Italy Certificate on ICP blockchain is a revolution in product authenticity and origin verification. Through the FederItaly initiative, consumers can now feel secure in their purchases, knowing that they are receiving the highest quality products authentically made in Italy.

CARLO VERDONE – President FederItaly

The Federitaly brand, 100% Made in Italy, offers a unique chance to showcase and preserve our excellence globally. We ensure seriousness and trustworthiness to consumers and businesses through a rigorous certification process and the use of blockchain technology. With the support of the DFinity Foundation, we have established an innovative and technologically advanced method of securely transporting our excellence globally. Federitaly has invested significant resources and effort into this ambitious project, thanks to the leadership of Bruno Calabretta (head of the FederItaly blockchain project) and the visionary mind of Dominic Williams (founder of DFinity and creator of the ICP protocol). This collaboration represents a perfect blend for our Italian excellence

Dominic Williams, Founder and Chief Scientist at the DFINITY Foundation

We are excited and proud to bring the benefits of the Internet Computer to FEDERITALY. FEDERITALY operates on a global scale, bringing trust and transparency to consumers around the world, similarly the Internet Computer blockchain has brought the promise of a truly decentralized internet – a “world computer” to the masses. FEDERITALY has protected Italian entrepreneurship for decades, this partnership with the DFINITY Foundations means that Italian entrepreneurship will always be protected as the Internet Computer blockchain is a tamper proof and infinitely scalable network, free from centralized cloud computing services. FEDERITALY has taken a leap forward into the future and is leading the way for international organizations looking to use blockchain technology to improve their services

BRUNO CALABRETTA – Blockchain Development Manager FederItaly

The release of the FederItaly “100% Made in Italy” certification on the blockchain marks a major milestone for increased transparency and security in product purchasing. The immutable and traceable nature of blockchain technology allows us to improve the accuracy of information and rebuild consumer trust. We are thrilled to witness this new era of transparency and trust unfold, driven by the blockchain technology developed on the Internet Computer Protocol, which brings new energy and innovation to the Italian market. This is the future we envision: a future that is more transparent, reliable, and with an Italian production of quality

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